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Welcome to my new website, autumn and my first blog post. This Green Journal will show some of my work and my passion for tasty functional foods.

I hope you will enjoy.

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Butternut- squash ½- around 500g

Sea-buckthorn, 100 g.

Ginger, peeled, 30 g.

Rosemary, fresh stalks 4.

Black peppercorn 20 g.

Water ½ liter

Sea salt, unrefined 20 g.

Cabbage leaves 2.

Seal-able glass or pot for, fermenting; 0,75 l.


Boil 2 dl water. Measure 20 grams of sea salt. Put salt in water to dissolve, and add cold water,until it becomes half liter. Make sure the salt dissolves well and leave to cool.

Rinse Butternut-squash well on the outside, as we will use it with the peel on.

Cut in half, make sure all seeds are out and cut in 5 mm thin slices, A mandoline will work really well for this.

Peel, wash and cut ginger in thin match stick size. Wash and dry Rosemary, leave in whole stalks. Wash Sea-buckthorn gently and dry as well.

Weigh peppercorn, so they are ready to use.

Put all ingredients in a 0,75 l jar and our the water /salt mix over. Make sure its not more than 35-40 degrees, when doing so.

Top off with 2 salted cabbage leaves in the top and close the jar.

Leave to ferment 8-10 days at room temperature. Opening the glass gently ( With a tea towel very near ) once a day, the first 5-7 days, to take pressure out.

Fermenting time, depends a lot on the quality of the vegetables – the better soil they come from , the better result. And temperature of the room they are in. They ferment most stabile around 18-20 degrees, if hotter - it goes faster. If colder - slower. When the proper consistency and taste is present , is a very personal matter as well. Trying and tasting every 1-2 days, after the initial 6 days, is highly recommended.


Well this is an easy way to make a powerful glass of anti oxidants and Probiotics, to help your immune system through the cold times ahead.

Sea- buckthorn is loaded w C vitamins, who will become much more bio available after fermenting. The same goes for Beta carotene from the butternut-squash. They will help you maintain a great antioxidant-defence, healthy eyes and together with the probiotics make a powerfull immune boosting addition to your meals. And it tastes damn good too !

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