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This blog post is a follow up on my last post; Autumn power ferment. You can apply he ferment from the previous post, or If you have some other lovely ferment in the fridge, use that instead. The importance lies in bringing the pickled feeling and fermented nutrition to the dish.. Enjoy :-)


CHICKPEA & ROOTS: 2 persons.

- Chick peas, cooked 150 g

- Carrot 100 g.

- Parsnip 100 g.

- Onion, normal 100 g

- Chopped tomatoes 150 g.

- salt and pepper to taste.

- Oil for sauté.

Spice paste:

- Garlic clove, fresh. 4

- Ginger, fresh & peeled 50 g.

- Garam masala Spice 2 Tbsp.

- vinegar 1-2 Tbsp.


Other ingredients;

- Cauliflower 200 g.

- Fermented sea buckthorn

- Fermented Butternut- squash – from same glass J

- Fresh Coriander

- Black sesame seeds


Peel and wash onion, carrot, parsnips , ginger and garlic.

Chop onions in half and then slices, they can be rustic.

Chop carrot and Parsnips in bite size pieces and garlic/ginger roughly.

Spice paste:

Put garlic, ginger, garam masala and Vinegar in a morter or smaller blender.

Grind until it becomes a paste, You can add a few drops of oil if needed.

Heat a few drops of olive or coconut oil in a smaller pot. Ad the onion and sweat for a minute. Add the spice paste and sauté 30 sek more. Id it sticks to the pan, add a few tbsp. Water to ease the bottom of the pan.

Ad the chick peas and stir weel, until they have soaked some of the paste.

Add the chopped tomatoes, carrot and parsnips , and cook for another 20 min.

Add some water, if the mix gets too dry.

Taste w salt and pepper and we are ready.

Wash and break cauliflower into florets. Cook then 2-3 min in salted water.

Gently open your glass of ferment and pick out a few slices of butternut squash, along with a tbsp. of the Sea-buckthorn. Wash and dry Coriander leaves.

Divide the Chickpea & roots into 1 bowls, ad cauliflower florets, fermented goodies, herbs and black sesame seeds.

Enjoy J


Are you thinking, where are the Carbs – will it get too heavy?

NO :-) There are plenty of the good carbs present in the cauliflower, carrots and chickpeas. These are the carbs that bring great energy- much more steady than the average bread, pasta or rice. On top of that, you get great detoxing abilities from the cauliflower, immune support and antioxidant bomb from the ferment.

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