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“ The Athlete who

recovers well,

Will Perform better “ 
- Brendan Fraiser.

Sports Nutrition


The plant powered sports nutrition is still a very overlooked section in the North of Europe. With a rapid growth of people choosing plant- based life, it has become more relevant than ever. 


We simply need to look at new ways of thinking! It is easy to get all the crucial Micro and Macro – nutrients for optimising to the best results. Do not worry, You won’t be missing out on the necessary proteins and amino acids ☺


I recently graduated in sports nutrition and Elite sports nutrition, with former elite athlete Brendan Fraiser, at Plantlab Culinary. 

I have been very exited about their take on using clean, plant-based eating for properly fuelling the body into optimizing  Physical performance, and the benefits of keeping it meat free.





The Basic principles are built around “ High Net Gain Nutrition”. Meaning clean, organic, wholesome plant-based foods, that are minimally processed and enhanced for easier digestion. 


High Net Gain Nutrition has numerous important benefits, apart from just being “fuel”.  It is naturally alkalizing, Anti inflammatory, Hormone balancing, immune supporting, and easily digested. Plus Aids body recovery very well, through the easily digestible amino acids and anti oxidants, naturally present. 


Successful Sports Nutrition is as much about proper recovery, as it is about fuelling the body. Here, all the wonderful plant components brings to us a powerful aid. Numerous Vegetarian/ Vegan Athletes reports that their performance became much better, mostly because of a greater efficient recovery rate.


Off course Fuelling properly pre, during and post workouts, is a needed factor for athletic success, the timing of carbohydrates, the fats and amino acids in right time, is crucial. 

But stress yourself, because the plants have all the components you will need - plus a number of bonus benefits to support your system in producing the desired intense results.. 





If you are curious to gain more knowledge about the subject, keep an eye on my event calendar, to see for updates on workshops schedules in the near future.


I also offer specialised workshops for athletes in different categories. In this field, we mostly do work specifically with nutrient timing and goals. I also offer private nutrition counselling to optimise your performance.


Check out my upcoming events & workshops here or book a private session for optimal performance diet. 



Look at my upcoming events &
workshops here or book a private session for optimal performance diet.