Passion for taste & functional food


Ginda Hirslund is a nutritionist with an undying passion for tasteful functional food. With her many years of experience in the food world, Ginda has worked as a chef for various projects and she owns a catering company. She has been flown in as a private chef in Ibiza on several occasions. Ginda has been involved with plant-based product development for ages.


With a solid professional foundation on how nutrition injects effects in our bodies, Ginda gives her clientele and students worth for their money. In regards to tuition / courses in sports nutrition, raw food or fermentation workshops, Ginda always has the finger on the pulse and she understands to deliver! Even the most advanced and newest ‘’nerdish’’ knowledge in plant-based food, in an interesting and easily accessible way to which everyone can bring home to their own kitchen and use it themselves.


With a recognised background of training, certifications in Advanced Raw Food, plant-based sports nutrition and elite sports nutrition, Ginda is far ahead in cellular nutrition. 


Ginda constantly keep exploring the Green Food universe, from which she develops new exciting recipes with foundation in the therapeutic nutrition field,  with incredible amazing flavours!


Ginda's first cookbook, 51% RAW, hit the spot at the time when the Raw Food trend was in its cool start and the curiosity about it flourished immensely.


Ginda Hirslund is a  genius and a true Green Food Wizard.